How may I trust you?

We have references who have been with us since we started our business. They can talk about us and our work. Another way is you can stay at home during our visit for your peace of mind.

Do I have to be at home during my cleaning?

Whatever is convenient for you and your family is fine with us.

What happen if I cancelled my regular cleaning?

Call 24 hrs. before the day of your cleaning, so we can give you the most convenient day for the next time.

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If I'm not at home the day of my cleaning, How will you come in?

You can leave: the door unlocked and we'll lock it when we have finished.

Leave or give us a key

Give us the garage code

What if something gets damaged, lost, broken during our visit?

We tried not to run in your house to minimized the risk of damaged. If, for any reason something gets damaged or broken; we replace it, fix it, or pay for the damaged or our Insurance will covered depending on the circunstances?

What if I am not satisfied?

We have a 24 hour 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied give us a call within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will return within 24 hours and clean any unsatisfactory areas.
How do I schedule your service?

Is easy just call, text us any time from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m or Book Online 24/7
Do you work on Holidays?

Thanksgiving and Christmas we are closed.

We will assign another day for your cleaning, if yours is on this days.

Do I have to provide the supplies?

No, We provide the supplies for all your cleaning services.
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